PBR – Unleash the Beast at First Interstate Arena

first interstate arena PBR Unleash the BeastThe wildest event is about to come. The Professional Bull Riders just announced their upcoming 2024 season. PBR – Unleash the Beast is headed straight to Billings, Montana as part of their regular season! Catch this exciting event live as the world’s top bull riders put on an unforgettable show. PBR – Unleash the Beast regular season will be held at the First Interstate Arena from from the 12th to the 14th of April, 2024.

Prepare yourselves for this heartstopping and jawdropping event as the riders come out in their bulls! The announcement was made just after an astonishing run of the organization’s most dynamic individual seasons in 2023 – breaking and resetting numerous attendance and competition records. This is your chance to experience the thrilling ride live in action! Immerse yourselves in one of the most thrilling events in the world, and unleash the beasts inside. Tickets are on sale right now. Hurry up and secure yours before tickets sell out!

PBR Unleash the Beast Tickets:

“Exciting, full of suspense. Entertaining! Loved all the riders and fans! Great that all ages can enjoy this sport!!”

“The PBR was non-stop excitement. The organizers did a great job of keeping it moving, and when the bullriders were not out, the entertainment was great. Everyone had a blast.”

“The PBR is here once a year and I never miss it. If you want to see the toughest sport on dirt, you have to see the PBR.”

PBR Unleash the Beast Tickets

The top bull riders compete against the most ferocious bucking bulls in the world in the nationally televised Unleash The Beast (UTB) event of the Professional Bull Riders. The top bull riders in the world will compete in a regular-season with a 15/15 Bucking Battle. Each rider will attempt one bull in Rounds 1 and 2, with the Top 12 moving on to the championship round. The riders that have the top 12 three-round total scores after Round 3 go to the championship round, where they will each ride one more bull. All championship rounds at an Unleash The Beast event include a rider draft due to the lengthy rounds and the random draw nature of the 15/15 Bucking Battles.

A rider’s position in the event standings is determined by their average score over the course of the competition. Riders will receive world points for finishing the event overall, as indicated by their total score, as well as for finishing each round and for any ride that exceeds 70 points.

This upcoming season of the Unleash the Beast Series brought to you by the Professional Bull Riders is going to be absolutely heartstopping. This highly anticipated event only comes once a year, so you should definitely mark your calendars for this! Following a record-breaking run during their 2023 season, Unleash the Beast is back and wilder than ever. Last season, the event hosted over 425,000 fans and sold out multiple venues. The demand for the toughest and dirtiest sport in the world keeps getting higher and higher – you better be ready for this.

The dark horse Rafael Jose de Brito finished his amazing season on the dirt with a never-before-attained trifecta, winning the World Finals, World Champion, and Rookie of the Year all in the same season. Seven different riders held the world No. 1 ranking during the 24-event season, making it one of the most contested gold buckle contests in PBR history. Do you think Rafael Jose de Brito will once again rise to the top in PBR: Unleash the Beast 2024? Come to the show to find out! Witness him – and all the outstanding riders – as they take on the massive bulls in the arena.

PBR Unleash the Beast

Throughout the seven-month individual season, the premier Unleash The Beast will hold 23 regular season events, including a much-awaited stop in Billings, Montana. So gather up, cowboys! This is your time to shine. Watch in awe and cheer for the riders as they desperately try to hold on to the strongest, largest, and nastiest bulls in the world. It’s going to be a wild event and you’ll find yourselves holding on for dear lives at the same time as the riders. Do you think you’re man enough to see this show? Find out for yourselves at the marvelous First Interstate Arena.

An exciting announcement was made last season: the number of riders in the Premier series increased from 35 to 40. All the more fun! The last time this happened was back in 20212, during the first five events of the regular season. More riders are coming back, more rounds are going to be made, more excitement for all the fans. This remarkable event comes back better and stronger each year, and you finally have the chance to partake in the show once again.

Unleash the beasts! Join the riders and the bulls at the First Interstate Arena for PBR: Unleash the Beast running from the 12th to the 14th of April, 2024. Remember, this opportunity only comes once a year – you cannot afford to miss this! If you missed last season’s show, then this is finally the time where you can see it live. Tickets are on sale right now. Secure your spots to the event by clicking ‘get tickets’ – be quick because these are going to sell out FAST!

PBR - Unleash the Beast at First Interstate Arena